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Jul. 6th, 2010

This morning I weighed in at 192 lbs.

Oh my!!!

38 lbs lost and 18 to go until I reach the goal. People have noticed.

It's amazing considering I very rarely feel like I'm depriving myself -- I eat every time I feel like it, pretty much. I just don't eat three donuts and seven cookies and half a box of Cheez-Its. My favorite snack is about 1/2 cup black beans with some pico de gallo on top. I do like to get a mini-cupcake every once in a while but they're very satisfying.


This is an interesting article about the genetics of taste (published on npr.com).

I wonder if my sister is a supertaster. She perceives things with even the slightest hint of spice or flavor to be intense, often too much for her. I used to have difficulty with spicy things, but sort of trained myself when I worked at a Mexican restaurant to enjoy the spicy salsa verde, and now I can eat medium to high-spice dishes on occasion. (I really like the flavor, but it is sometimes still far too intense.)

Now that I've completely removed soda (that one had been waning for more than a year before the Eating Well Plan, but it's now 99% effective) and most sweet treats from my diet, I taste them with a ridiculous intensity! Phil likes to get the glass-bottle real-sugar Cokes every once in a while, and I'll have a sip and I can immediately taste it for what it is -- thick, sugary caramel syrup. Blech!

Luckily (or unluckily?) it makes my favorite dark chocolate (70% cacao or higher) taste even better.
I'm hovering around 199.6 for the last two mornings. WOW! It's exciting to actually reach weight that's under two hundred...even just a hair under. 6 lbs to go before I reach my lowest weight since moving to Ann Arbor (and meeting Phil...!), and about 25 left before my original goal of 174.

It's been incredibly humid (and thunderstormy), which means I'm preparing and eating a lot more salads and raw veggies. It feels so good! My favorite salad to make at work is a baby spinach base, with whole red grape tomatoes, shaved carrots, radish slices, cucumber crescents, about 1/4 avocado, a few ounces of cooked white beans and a handful of pepitas (toasted sunflower seeds). The avocado is so creamy and the tomato is so juicy that there's no need for a dressing.

I have had a very determined flare for (maybe more than?) a week or so now. Today it wasn't so bad, but now I've got these incredibly dry eyes and a tiredness about me. This may just be from the heat. And that I took some cough syrup last night because I couldn't get to sleep but didn't want to get dried out from Benadryl.

I'm still doing lots of walking -- today I walked about 2.7 miles (round trip) to a paper store in Kerrytown. The paper store is a place I should not be able to go unsupervised - I left with about $60 worth of origami paper. YIKES! It was not the best choice to make, mostly because carrying the bag (not terribly heavy, but fibro makes things seem disproportionately irritating) cut into my hand and was very uncomfortable most of the return trip.

But the bottom line is -- activity makes me feel better and more satisfied with my life, even if it causes pain (or doesn't alleviate it - whatever the goal is). It makes me smirk a little that even after losing 30 lbs, I still experience ALL of my fibro symptoms (granted, maybe with fibro it'll take a looong time for my body to adjust to its new state) -- which is contrary to so many reports I hear of doctors blaming fibro on above-average weight.
YEAH! 201.8 lbs -- I've met my halfway goal and have lost 28.2 lbs!!!!!


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