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annability's Journal

16 September
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I can also be found at sneakishfrog. This journal is to document my (to me, radical!) attempt at eating well and as a possible result, losing weight. On April 10, 2010, I weighed 230 lbs, am 5'10", and wore about a 38" waistband. I can't change my height, but my goal weight is 174lbs. If I lose about 1.5 lbs a week, I can achieve this mid-December 2010.

I love to cook, especially vegetables, and am always excited to try new recipes. This will help a lot with eating better; I can see the ingredients, understand what nutrients they provide, and modify my recipes accordingly. It's also encouraging to be more active in my life; instead of blindly dialing for a pizza while lounging on the couch, I will stand up, chop some veggies and spend some time focusing on creating a meal.

I have fibromyalgia and benign hypermobile joint syndrome, which gives me a lot of pain, discomfort, and insomnia. I don't think that being overweight causes my pain, but it will be easier on my joints if I am less heavy. Also, eating better encourages me to stay in tune with my body more. This is necessary, because I have to strengthen my muscles (though they don't respond too well to exercise because of the fibro) so my joints are supported better.

My diet is mostly vegetarian, for several reasons. I eat fish on occasion, because I really enjoy it and it is a lean protein that can often contribute valuable nutrients. I don't eat other animal meats - poultry, pork, beef. It weirds me out that I could touch a pig, and it would feel my touch through its flesh - the same flesh that is consumed. Such meats also can cause inflammatory conditions to go haywire, and since I have problems with my joints and muscles, it's wise to avoid that influence. I also feel like a more creative cook, combining vegetarian ingredients to make healthful meals that don't rely on the heavy flavors of meat.

Here are the stats:

Daily, I need to consume about 1800 calories in order to lose weight at the rate of 1.5-2 lbs a week. This means I should take in:

- 50g fat (Less than 14g saturated. 36g mono and polyunsaturated)
- 160g carbohydrates (try to stick with complex - whole grains, plant fiber, etc. Less than 40g from sugars.)
- 2400mg sodium MAX
- 50g protein
- 25-30g fiber
and make sure I get plenty of vitamins from a variety of sources.